We care about our patient’s health first. We offer personalized health care and abortion/ medical termination of pregnancy services at the highest international medical standards.


We are located in Bangalore, India where medical termination of pregnancy/abortion is legal. The procedure is conducted by highly experienced gynecologists, doctors and nursing staff.


All patient information is fully confidential and private. Any discussions regarding patient’s health care with the doctor at the hospital is regarded with utmost confidentiality.


Bahrain, a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is known as a country with strict laws. However, compared to its neighbors, it has permissive regulation when it comes to abortion in Bahrain. Still, even if there are broad abortion laws in Bahrain, verifying your status is mandatory.

Understanding the consequences of an abortion in Bahrain, from both the health and legal point of view is mandatory. Being unmarried and pregnant in Bahrain can have unwanted results. One of the main traps of a young woman looking to have an abortion are over the counter abortion pills, or unsafe abortion surgery conducted by un-prepared staff, in illegal locations or abortion clinics in Bahrain.

Even if abortion is legal in Bahrain, remember you can fall into the trap of a quack doctor, an uncertified pretend-professional, ready to take money from women who do not want their condition to be known. These are the most dangerous situations you can find yourself in, as the equipment might not be properly disinfected, presenting the risk of infection, which, unfortunately is fatal in some cases. No woman should expose herself to this.


Even if abortion laws in Bahrain permit a woman to ask for one, family and societal beliefs often condemn it, being the no.1 reason for which women accept the services and unsafe abortion clinics in Bahrain. Travelling to Bangalore India for a legal, safe, one-day abortion procedure is one of the best options you have available when you ask yourself “can I do abortion in Bahrain”.

Below are some of the major reasons as to why it is safe and better to travel to Bangalore Genesis Hospital:

• Legal Abortion in India – Ever since 1972, when the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) act was signed, abortion has become legal in India. From that point on, no laws have been issued to prohibit women to have an abortion under special circumstances, and no social judgement occurs, especially since the procedure is confidential with respect to the patient’s privacy. This is one of the main reasons for a pregnant woman to choose travelling from Bahrain to India, in order to benefit from the best and safest medical services you deserve.

• High Quality Medical Care – India has been, for many decades now, one of the top medical destinations not only in Asia, but for the global population as well. Bangalore Genesis Hospital has been one of the top choices, having professionals trained in the latest medical procedures and with access to high end equipment.

Being able to have a fully equipped facility enables the doctors to provide the best abortion procedure service at Bangalore Genesis Hospital, making it one of the best hospitals in the world.

• One Day Procedure – The Bangalore Genesis Hospital offers one day abortion procedure. The surgery and immediate recovery itself takes no more than 3 hours, making it available for you to arrive and leave by airplane the same day.

Since we understand the time essence for some of our patients, we make sure our procedures do not cause any inconvenience. Our doctors are available for discussions over the phone and they will help you with early appointment bookings and arrangements.

Upon your arrival at the airport, our staff can arrange taxi transportation, in order to shorten the time needed for the entire process. Once you arrive at the hospital, a team will tend to you immediately, carrying out the required tests in order to adopt the best procedure for you.

The Genesis abortion procedure will not take long, being followed-up by post abortion care, in order for the doctors to make sure you are recovering at a normal pace. This is done with care, so that you are able, if desired, to return home by the end of that day, and resume daily activities.

• Patient Privacy and Confidentiality – The Bangalore Genesis Hospital doctors will never divulge any patient information without written consent, as they are all under oath, respecting our high standards of privacy and confidentiality.

• International Medical Standards – We take pride in the high standards we have set for ourselves, from both the medical preparation point of view, as well as commodities. Our staff is trained in the Unites States, Germany or England, having acquired the best medical knowledge. Offering our doctors the newest equipment on the market enables them to perform even better, with outstanding conditions and performances.

• Peaceful Ambience and Hospital Comfort –Understanding the natural fear that comes with every surgical procedure, we take pride in creating a calming and soothing environment for our patients, in order to make their stay as comfortable as possible, with hotel-like setups and 24/7 room service.

Wi-Fi connections and flat screen TVs are available in all rooms, and our decorated rooms enable a positive state of mind, reassuring the patient they are in the best hands.


Our experience and recommendation make Bangalore Genesis Hospital the best destination for medical tourism, offering only excellent medical services.

Having a complete and competent medical team of doctors, you can benefit from the following abortion procedure services:

• Abortion with Pills – Being one of the most common procedures, abortion with pills is preferred by the majority of women, since it does not involve invasive procedures or surgery. One thing you need to remember though is that abortion pills are effective only if the pregnancy is younger than seven weeks.

Upon your arrival at the hospital, the team of doctors assigned to take care of you will run a series of tests in order to make sure that abortion with pills is safe for you. If the results are favorable, you will be given a pill, called Mifepristone, one of the abortion pills in Bahrain, which you can find over the counter (although not recommended without medical supervision) to be taken orally.

You are then discharged and allowed to go home.

What is important with pill abortion is the education you are given by your doctors. You will be taken through the entire process: the second day after taking the pill is when bleeding similar to your menstrual cycle will appear, and you will also confront with minor pain and discomfort.

During the third day, it is mandatory for you to take another set of pills, called prostaglandins, which induce the cramping that helps the body eliminate the remains of the foetus. Bleeding can occur for up to seven days, being similar to your normal period.

Follow-up discussions with your doctor over the phone are mandatory, and giving as many details about the process is needed in order for our team to assess if you need a check-up, in order to verify that there is no damage to the uterus.

• D&C Abortion – Another common procedure used at Bangalore Genesis Hospital is the D&C abortion. Applicable for pregnancies between 7 and 12 weeks old, the D&C abortion procedure consists of dilating the uterine cervix and suctioning the content of the uterus. As long as you have discussed with your doctors and booked an early appointment, you will be taken to complete a series of tests, upon your arrival at the hospital. These are mandatory in order to assess your overall health condition and determine if there are any issues that might be in contradiction with this Genesis abortion procedure.

Our gynecologists will advise you not to eat anything for a few hours before this procedure, in order to have an empty stomach. You will undergo anesthesia, helping you not to feel any pain during the abortion.

Even if this procedure is fairly short, you will have to remain under medical observation for a few hours, to allow your body to rest, recover and for the doctors to verify that there aren’t any complications or hemorrhages. The final test, which clears you to return home, is passing urine without any pain. Once you are able to do so, you will be checked out and free to take your flight.

• Second Trimester Abortion Procedure – The second trimester abortion procedure is considered worldwide as one of the most challenging abortion procedures, as the pregnancy is advanced, and thus, the fetus is larger than in the first trimester. It can be performed when the pregnancy is between 12 and 20 weeks.

The gynecologists and doctors at the Bangalore Genesis Hospitals will run an enhanced series of tests, in order to assess any eventual issue which may come while performing this procedure.

The Genesis second trimester abortion procedure involves administrating medication which induces cramping, creating the conditions for expulsion of the fetus. After the fetus and the placenta have been expelled, you will be given antibiotics to prevent any type of infection, especially since your cervix will remain dilated for several days. Also, painkillers will be prescribed, to reduce pain, the dosage being set according to your experience and pain resistance.

There are situations when complications appear, one of them, even if rare, being the expulsion of the fetus, but the remaining of the placenta inside your uterus. In these cases, you will be taken to the operating room, in order for it to be surgically removed. You need not to worry, since our highly experienced doctors have both the skills and the medical equipment necessary to complete this without any risk for the patient.

• Post Abortion Care – The Bangalore Genesis Hospital provides not only top medical care for surgeries and medical procedures, but also for the recovery process, ensuring everything goes smoothly, without any complications. You will receive post abortion care, that helps you heal at a fast pace, being in perfect shape before you check out from our facility. Remember that your relationship with our doctors does not end once you exit the doors of the hospital, follow-up calls and even check-up being not only available, but also recommended. Make sure you contact your doctor if there is any doubt you are not ok. The medical staff is always available to help and solve any problem which might occur.


Having an abortion in Bahrain is worth only if your health is endangered. Remember you can choose from the variety of abortion clinics in Bahrain, but only if you are ready to face the social consequences of your decision.

The investment made by the Bangalore Genesis Hospital in both medical equipment and highly trained doctors make it perfect for you. We thrive for perfection, stopping at nothing to give you the best conditions and results.

With the excellent customer care services we provide, our patients are delighted with the ease they get in touch with our doctors.

When you do call us, we will transfer you directly to a doctor, in order to benefit from the privacy and confidentiality we pride ourselves with. You have the early booking appointment available for you and, if you desire, transportation ensured from the airport to the hospital and back.

You deserve the best medical care and Bangalore Genesis Hospital is ready to offer it to you. Call us today at +91 934 382 6182 and talk to your dedicated doctor!




  • US, UK, Germany trained
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion care
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Dr. Mamta

Dr. Mamta comes with over 15 years experience as a gynecologist and have doing abortion/ medical termination of pregnancy. Not only is she a highly qualified doctor, but she is also caring and compassionate with her patients. She ensures safe and maximum post-abortion medical care and recovery.



  • Gynecology and abortion expertise
  • Over 7 years experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion care
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Sister Amulya

Sister Amulya comes with over 7 years of experience as a gynecology nurse. She has vast experience in gynecology and medical termination of pregnancy/ abortion cases. She is friendly, kind and aspires to provide the best medical care for each of her patients.



  • International patients and hospital expertise
  • Over 30 years medical admin experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion counselling
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Mrs. Annamma Abraham

Mrs. Annamma comes with over 30 years of experience as an able, reliable and committed hospital administrator. Her vision and caring is unparalleled. She is kind, easy to communicate with and understanding of patient concerns. Most importantly she ensures her patients get the best medical care.

"We provide safe, confidential abortion and medical termination of pregnancy services in accordance with the highest International medical standards at Genesis"

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Free Doctor Consultation

Free Doctor Consultation

The doctor consultation over the phone is free. Call to discuss your medical situation with the doctor today.

Pregnancy Scanning & Blood Test

Pregnancy Scanning & Blood Test

Scanning is done to determine the pregnancy stage, number of weeks etc. Blood tests are done to ensure patient safety and pregnancy details confirmation.

Gynecologist Consultation

Gynecologist Consultation

Gynaecologist reviews patient information and determines procedure.



Safe medical abortion procedure is carried out via pills or medical termination of pregnancy. Gynaecologist and doctor advices patient on post-abortion health care and recovery.

Post Abortion Care

Post Abortion Care

After the abortion procedure, post abortion care is provided to ensure patient safety and quick and healthy recovery.

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