Abortion Risks in Bahrain

Unwanted pregnancies occur on a daily basis all over the world. Some countries have a more relaxed view about this, while others, even if they do not forbid terminating a pregnancy, pose a threat on a woman’s well being through strict social beliefs and pro-life, unregulated, policies.

Understanding the abortion risks in Bahrain, from every point of view, is essential if you want to keep your health and your social status.

Bahrain laws permit women to ask for an abortion. However, since their beliefs condemn sex outside or before marriage, many women who get pregnant must hide their condition and often appeal to quack doctors or illegal clinics, in order to avoid the shame that other people bring upon them. The main abortion consequences in Bahrain involve post abortion care done scarcely.

The most common method of getting an abortion without your close ones finding out is abortion with pills, or a chemical abortion. The substances used are mifepristone and misoprostol, which block the production of progesterone and induce cramps, helping the uterus to eliminate the pregnancy.

Poor medical education can lead to buying these substances from unauthorized parties and campaigns have been conducted in order to limit this type of substance traffic, since there have been numerous situations when the pill sold was not what it was claimed to be at all.  At the same time, choosing the services of an illegal clinic can increase the abortion health risks a woman pregnant and unmarried in Bahrain faces.

Post Abortion Care in Bahrain

Understanding your rights as a woman, as a human being and the abortion risks in Bahrain, as a citizen of a civilized country can often make the difference between life and death. There are minimal post abortion services you should benefit from:

Limiting infections: Chemical abortion, D&C abortion and surgical abortion involve the dilation of your cervix and hemorrhaging. Complications can appear all the time and severe bleeding leads to dehydration, mineral and vitamin loss, creating a chemical imbalance in your body. Also, you are prone to infections, since the environment in which you perform the abortion is not perfectly sanitized, as a hospital environment should be.

Abortion injuries: Surgical abortion is an invasive method. Unprepared claimed-to-be doctors do not have the experience, conditions and medical equipment to perform the abortion safely. Uterine injuries caused by abortions done in illegal environments are one of the main causes of women’s death in eastern Asia.

Calcium and vitamins: Abortions involve losing a lot of blood. All post abortion care treatments include prescribing supplements required to compensate the loss caused by bleeding and also meal plan recommendations, in order to help your body recover faster, by itself.

Family planning services: Post abortion care does not imply making sure a woman is no longer facing abortion health risks only, but also educating her in order to avoid similar situations in the future. Getting proper family planning advice can contribute greatly.

Think twice before getting an abortion in Bahrain, offered by illegal clinics. Do not buy any type of medicine from unauthorized persons, pharmacies or even from the internet. The abortion risks in Bahrain appear only when you choose to do it undercover. Ask for an abortion or choose American Hospital Bangalore.  Expat as well as Indian patient’s from Bahrain are provided with safe and confidential medical abortion procedures of the highest standard.