About Us

Multi-Speciality Hospital with Innovative and Personalized Medical Service

About Bangalore Genesis Hospital, Administrators and Doctors

Genesis Hospital, located in the center of Bangalore City in India is a high end boutique hospital, setup to achieve US medical standards, for both our patients and our staff, having top management employees that ensure the quality standards of our vision.

We specialize in abortion procedures for women of all ages, having multiple options, fitted for any type of pregnancy.

We offer chemical abortion, with abortion pills, first trimester D&C abortion and second-trimester abortion surgery, with the help of our internationally trained gynaecologists and nurses, and we rely on both their extensive expertise as well as on our high-end medical equipment.

Our doctors have successfully provided care for thousands of women, combining the latest technology with innovative procedures and the most attentive and patient-oriented post-procedural care, at international standards.

We have nurses, doctors and technicians who were trained at the best medical schools in the US, UK and Germany, having acquired extensive surgical and post-operative care experience internationally.

Genesis Hospital in Bangalore is simply the safest and best choice for an abortion procedure. We look forward to providing our top-quality services to you, our next completely satisfied patient.