Getting an abortion in Bahrain

Getting an abortion in Bahrain is legal under certain circumstances. The abortion laws in Bahrain allow for women to request to their doctors the medical termination of a pregnancy, without suffering any legal consequences. However, social pressure is what makes women opt for illegal abortion, without the supervision/consultation of a physician or through illegal abortion clinics in Bahrain.

Abortion laws in Bahrain

Knowing your rights and responsibilities is mandatory in order to make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Bahrain’s Penal Code of March 20th, 1976 states the following:

Article 321. Whoever performs an abortion on herself without the consultation of a physician or without the physician’s knowledge shall be punished with up to six months imprisonment or with a fine of up to 50 dinars.

Article 322. (1) Whoever performs an abortion on a pregnant woman without her consent shall be punished with imprisonment to hard labor for up to 10 years.

(2) The punishment shall be imprisonment to hard labor if the abortion leads to the death of the victim.

Article 323. Attempts at abortion shall not be punished.”

Considering the above law, it would be only normal and natural for women in Bahrain to ask for an abortion. However, the reality is strikingly different, as many of them look for abortion pills in order to perform first trimester abortion or even for illegal abortion clinics in Bahrain to undergo second trimester abortion surgery, which can be extremely dangerous if not performed by authorized and trained medical personnel.

What are your options?

Considering you have eliminated the legal request for an abortion you are entitled to, as an option, you are left with the following options:

1. Buy from unauthorized sources or online, pills based on mifepristone or misoprostol, in order to induce the abortion yourself. Remember this falls under article 321, from the Penal Code. The legal consequence implies up to 6 months imprisonment. However, consider this to be the minor risk.

Chemical abortions need to be supervised by a doctor, since the placenta (especially if you are at the limit of the 7 weeks pregnancy; only by that deadline you can perform chemical abortion) might not be completely eliminated, creating the risk for infection and gangrene inside your uterus, which is often fatal.

2. Accept, at an extraordinary price, the services of illegal abortion clinics in Bahrain, where surgical procedures are performed by quack doctors, who do not have the ability, the training, the equipment or the venue to perform surgery under safe conditions or to grant the post-operative care a woman needs after an abortion.

3. Travel overseas. Choosing to get an abortion in a country were the procedure is covered by law and also implies privacy and confidentiality.

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